Theodore Slattery

King of the United Frontier of Malathon.


Theodore “Slam” Slattery is the well known king of the United Frontier of Malathon. He is currently 56 years old. He is famous for his quick temper, powerful mind, and tactical prowess. In the UFM’s struggle to become independent, he is famous for leading his talented squad of 12 men to victory against 7 equal-sized squads of the [[Imperial Army]].\

As the first UFM king, he has set down various precedents for future kings, including leading his army personally in the most important of battles during the continuous war with [[Grange]], having suspected spies executed without any form of trial, and announcing that he will pass leadership to his son when Theodore turns 70 years old.

Generally well liked, he has been the target of many assassination attempts which are largely believed to have been orchestrated by The Tot’ly Radicals.

Theodore Slattery

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