Dead prophet of The Totly Radicals.


Stats N/A (Deceased)


Tot’ly (May, 567 – Nov. 5th, 603 A.D.) (last name unknown; first name may be inaccurate) was born and raised in Grange. His childhood is largely unclear, although it is believed he grew up in a suburb of Grange City into a moderately wealthy family.

At young adulthood, Tot’ly became a low-level warrior in the Grange army, suppressing the first of hundreds of rebellions that were to spring up in Grange’s bloody history. Tot’ly was described by his commanding officer as a “Cold, stone-like man good with a warhammer.” The warhammer, at the time the standard Imperial soldier weapon, was to become a symbol of Tot’ly as his fame grew.

Illiterate but a powerful thinker, Tot’ly came back from the war with many thoughts to share. He commissioned the Grange City tavern [[Roaring Duck]] for a night, Oct. 6th 593, and gave his first public speech, entitled “Wrongs of an Empire.” In this speech he drew attention to the consistent rebellions, corruption, and unjust executions enacted by the Empire in general as well as the emperor at the time. While not many attended this first speech, word of mouth brought more and more people to his retelling of the same speech at the same tavern. The second telling included a more compehensive set of ideals, including elected government, a style of jailing that involved torture (including several specific torture, and a voluntary army. Many people agreed with his thoughts and that night it is said he began to enlist an army of rebels.


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