Grange (Sometimes called The Glorious Empire of Grange, or The Empire) is a 985-year-old monarchy that has long been considered the most technologically, politically, and religiously advanced country in the world. Our time system is based around it’s creation, as well as many other measurements and theological theories.

Grange has always followed the same form of total-control monarchy, and despite it’s millenium-long history it has never had a successful coup or assassination of the Emperor. By law set up at the creation of the empire, each Emperor gives control to his eldest son when that son reaches the age of 20. This has only been disobeyed once, when the emperor Sevldn Telemachus kept power for 2 years longer then was lawful by hiding his eldest son from public knowledge. Each emperor takes their mother’s maiden name, and cannot marry a woman related to him. Under a circumstance where an emperor breaks one of these binding laws, all soldiers in the Imperial Army must attempt to kill the emperor. To assure this will be carried out, no military leader is allowed to speak with the emperor directly.

The current Emporer, Edward Geins-Rais, is considered a powerful speaker but a bad military strategist. He and his senior military officers are considered largely to blame for the United Frontier of Malathon’s successful rebellion.

Grange is renowned also for its intense civic unrest, experiencing a large-scale rebellion on average once every 20 years. The 2 largest of these rebellions are the Tot’ly Rebellion of 602 A.D., led by Tot’ly, which threatened to destroy the empire all together, and the more recent UFM Revolution of 947 A.D, the only successful attempt to create a break-off country from Grange.


The Rise and Fall of Totly CaptainFabulous