The Totly Radicals

The Tot’ly Radicals is an occult religious group formed on November 6th, 603 A.D. This was the day after the death of Tot’ly, an important magician, philosopher, and revolutionary in Grange.

Despite Tot’ly’s own lack of religious convictions, the Radicals have created a prophet out of his memory, believing he was in connection with some higher power. The Radicals have consistently attemped without success to form a country seperate from Grange, citing similar corruption and misuse-of-power charges to Tot’ly’s own charges against the republic.

Regular practices include self-flagellation in an effort to “understand Tot’ly’s pain”, Frequent congregation at secret temples for chanting and worship, and construction and subsequent destruction of a shrine to Tot’ly every 5 weeks (to signify his death after 5 days of torture.)

Temples generally include multiple rows of pews and a shrine at the head of the room, sometimes in the southwestern-most corner of the room.

The Totly Radicals

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